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ABS or Traction Control

Immobiliser problems are caused by a range of issues including key fobs which have lost their coding or with lost transducer chips, damaged or corroded wiring, faulty ECUs, can bus errors, faulty sensors and actuators, corrupted body ECUs, faulty BSI Units and damaged receiver rings.

As well as the danger that this poses for you, your passengers and other road users and pedestrians, your insurance will be invalid in this light is on at the time of an accident.

Traction Control Issues Solved
ABS Light Staying On

If your ABS or Traction Control light does not go off within a few moments of driving you should get the car to a specialist as soon as possible to have the problem diagnosed and fixed.

Many ABS problems are caused by faulty batteries, failed wiring or connectors, broken brake light switches and broken brake light bulbs.

Our specialists have many years experience diagnosing problems and overcoming the issues that have caused them.