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Wherever you are in the UK - or even if you are abroad - when you need a replacement key, we can help.

Replacement Car Keys

We at Central Garage Carcroft specialise in providing replacement keys in all circumstances wherever you are in the country or even worldwide.

We at Central Garage Carcroft can produce duplicates of existing keys for just about any vehicle on the road, including transponder keys and central locking remotes.

And don't believe the claims of dealers and manufacturers that replacement keys can only be produced when a working key is available.

We at Central Garage Carcroft can solve problems like this saving owners considerable sums against the alternative of replacement ECUs and locks.

Car Key Replacements
Lost Car Keys

We at Central Garage Carcroft can produce new working keys for most makes and models from the immobiliser unit or engine ECU. Simply send one or two units to us and you will quickly receive a replacement key.

Key Fob Repairs

We at Central Garage Carcroft also repair electronic remote or central locking keys for a wide range of vehicles, including card-type keys for Renaults. We offer genuine manufacturer's keys, quality replica or replacement keys, transponder keys and infra-red - just about any car key or remote fob available.

Fast Key Replacements
Replacement Car Keys FAST
We at Central Garage Carcroft have most parts and keys in stock. If we at Central Garage Carcroft need to order replacement parts delivery is normally within 24 hours.