Auto Electrician



We at Central Garage Carcroft are vehicle diagnostic specialists, engine management system fault finders and auto electricians, diagnosing problems and repairing car and vehicle electrical and computer systems.

Car Diagnostics

As vehicle diagnostic specialists with many years experience, our technicians will save you time and money by correctly identifying problems in the first instance, rather than simply swapping components until the problem is found. By diagnosing a problem correctly we at Central Garage Carcroft ensure cost-effective repairs at all times.

Our specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment gives us better access to any car's computer system than a car dealer will have. As auto electricians, once we at Central Garage Carcroft have narrowed down the fault we can check the individual components or circuit boards for faults.

Our specialist diagnostic methods mean you pay less as you are only paying for a fault to be fixed, not to have components unnecessarily swapped.

Vehicle Diagnostic

And Programming Equipment

We at Central Garage Carcroft have an enormous range of specialist vehicle diagnostics equipment available covering most makes and models of cars, including many vehicle manufacturer specific tools. As vehicle electronics become more and more sophisticated we continue to invest in new equipment in order to maintain our position as leading specialist electrical technicians.


We have specialist diagnostic equipment for all European, American and Asian makes and models.



We at Central Garage Carcroft have recently invested in new equpiment allowing us to carry out on-vehicle monitoring of sensors or actuators while the vehicle is in our workshop or being driven under any load or speed condition.

Diagnostics Monitoring

In addition to monitoring live data received by the ECU, we at Central Garage Carcroft can also monitor the actual outputs from sensors and check fuelling with our Wideband Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) equipment. This equipment is much more accurate than the O2 sensors fitted to vehicles, enabling us to see exactly what is going on inside the engine so we at Central Garage Carcroft can diagnose and fix problems which would otherwise be virtually impossible to detect.

As well as allowing us to diagnose faults, this equipment can also be used to determine the most significant areas that can be improved on any vehicle, allowing us to recommend changes or remap the vehicle for performance and or economy.

Diagnostic Price from - £65 first hour £50 each hour after (Labour only issue use of manufacturers diagnostic software may incur additional costs)

Where possible we endeavour to diagnose faults using manufacturers platforms, On occasion this isn’t possible.