DPF Errors

dpf errors

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DPF Errors,

Warnings and Problems

It is clear from the calls we at Central Garage Carcroft get on a daily basis that there is a lot of confusion about DPF errors and warning lights.

There is no cause for concern when a DPF light comes on without any other warning lights. It merely means that you need to follow instructions in the owner's manual to allow the DPF to clean itself.

Dashboard Errors

This usually means driving at an engine speed of between 1700 and 2000 RMP for about 15 minutes or until the engine light goes off.

However, if your car goes into "limp mode" or "get you home" mode this regeneration process will not take place.

Many cars that have been brought to us with a "DPF problem" or "DPF cleaning" do not have anything wrong with their DPF. They do not need the DPF cleaned - they need the problem that is stopping the DPF from cleaning itself resolved.