DPF Filters

dpf filters

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DPF Filters

Diesel Particulate Filters

DPF filters must be fitted into the exhaust system on vehicles from 2008 onwards because of anti-pollution laws. They are designed to reduce vehicle emissions, particularly the soot content.

Changing DPF Filters

But vehicles fitted with DPF's need to operate in a mixed drive cycle with regular long runs to regenerate the DPF and clear out soot build up. Too much city driving and your DPF warning light will come on to say there is a fault. Often the car will go into "limp mode" and you will notice a big loss in power.

We at Central Garage Carcroft have seen a huge increase in the number of vehicles with DPF faults and often owners only come to us after having the DPF filter unnecessarily replaced at great expense.

Do not delay if your DPF warning light comes on. You may only need your DPF to be unblocked or cleaned but whatever your problem you need top put your car into the hands of an expert before any blockage causes other problems to your car.