Remapping & Chip Tuning

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Remapping & Chip Tuning

Improve Your Fuel Economy By Up To 15%

Our ECU technicians have developed some of the best economy ECU tuning files on the market today. They provide significant gains in fuel efficiency whilst improving the feel and drive-ability of your car or van.

Chip Tuning

How does Chip Tuning - otherwise known as ECU remapping - work?

Remapping is a process where the parameters within the tuning and calibration of the ECU are changed to increase the economy - or performance - of the engine.

There are many maps within an engine ECU, controlling things such as fuelling, timing, boost, acceleration, deceleration and many more.

Remapping And Chip Tuning

Why don't the manufacturers do this themselves?

You will probably be surprised to discover that the vehicle manufacturers often modify the mapping of their ECU's for marketing reasons, to differentiate between models and specifications for example, with the same engine often being fitted to numerous models of vehicle there has to be a performance difference between their low-specification, regular and "sports" models. This is frequently achieved by de-tuning the cheaper models.

Manufacturers also have to comply with very strict emissions requirements and tests that are performed to meet UK and European testing parameters, these often mean that between 1,700 rpm and 3,000 rpm the engine output is deliberately held-back to pass these tests. Having a negative effect upon both performance and economy.

Car Remapping

All manufacturers limit the power and MPG of their vehicles in order to adhere to the many different markets they face.

From simple things such as differing fuel grades and climate conditions to issues with marketing and affordability. This means that your car/van will always underperform both on power and fuel efficiency because of the Manufacturers ECU map. Auto Electricians Doncaster let’s you unlock your vehicle’s hidden potential.

The most important benefit you will see is the significant fuel cost savings an economy ECU remapping. Rising fuel prices won’t hurt so much when your car/van is properly tuned. The more you drive with an Economy Tune, the more you save!