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From 2008 the DPF must be on the vehicle if it is to pass an MOT.

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Some makes and model of cars suffer from the DPF system continually blocking. This problem can be fixed permanently by physically removing the DPF Filter and removing the DPF in the ECU and remapping resulting in an increase in performance and economy.

We at Central Garage Carcroft take away the DPF manually, removing all traces of the DPF. As part of the process we at Central Garage Carcroft can also remap the ECU to provide further increases in both power and torque and improved economy if driven normally.

On some vehicles remapping is an essential part of the process as the real problem that causes the DPF to block is that the ECU is actually over-fuelling.

Following this process, the DPF will need to be physically removed and replaced with a section of suitable exhaust pipe. We at Central Garage Carcroft can either do this at the same time or you are free to do this yourself or have the work done elsewhere.


We at Central Garage Carcroft are often asked if DPF Cleaning Fluids work. In a word, No. If you are considering using any of the many products now available on the internet, please take our advice and look for some reviews first.

The main thing to consider is that if there were any cleaning benefits to the product, how could it remain effective after being added to the fuel and going through the combustion process at temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees Centigrade? Adding the fluid to your fuel tank will dilute it so it is hard to see how it can be effective. It is even harder to see how it could have any benefits after being incinerated in your car's engine.

Emission related item, If you use a vehicle with DPF removed on a public road you could be prosecuted.